Interesting Facts You Need to Know about Kung Fu

Kung Fu is currently one of the most popular martial art style practiced in the world today. Developed primarily by the ancient Chinese people to serve as a defense against hand-to-hand attack, Kung Fu has been mastered by millions of people and pursued to learn by plenty of martial art students.

Here's a list of fascinating facts about Kung Fu that might interest and encourage you to learn it:

It Focuses On Your Internal Chi

Although Kung Fu teaches a person exceptional defense skills that he can use in a one-on-one hand combat, this martial art actually aims also to impart the importance of the internal chi. Chi, in Kung Fu, refers to a person's life energy. When you know how to enrich and control your chi, you will succeed in increasing your mind and body's calmness, tranquility, and spirituality.

It Enhances One's Flexibility and Agility

When you've decided to enroll at a martial arts center and learn Kung Fu, expect that you won't just know how to defend yourself, you will also be able to enhance your body's agility and flexibility. And if you want to master and fully improve this aspect of your body, martial art instructors encourage that you should start learning Kung Fu at an early age. Children ages 5 to 6 years old can actually start taking Kung Fu lessons.

It was Introduced to Hollywood by Bruce Lee

Kung Fu was an ancient Chinese martial art, and for years, the Shaolin have kept the battling technique from Kung Fu within themselves. However, due to a talented street fighter who later became the world's greatest martial artist of all times -Bruce Lee - Hollywood was introduced to Kung Fu. The martial art style was furthermore popularized by Chinese icons and martial artists Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

It Features Several Styles

The early Kung Fu teaching offers several styles, and that includes snake, crane, dragon, tiger, and leopard. If you have watched the successful 3D movie franchise, Kung Fu Panda, you will realize that both the snake, crane, and tiger were part of the ensemble of the film representing the different Kung Fu styles.

We hope you learned a lot today about Kung Fu!