5 Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Bruce Lee

There’s no denying that Bruce Lee is one of the world’s most famous martial artist. As a matter, Lee is usually credited as the first person to introduce the world of martial arts in Hollywood. But apart from being a skilled martial arts fighter, and making lots of movies about it until his untimely demise, what else do we know about this iconic man? Today, we’ll be share interesting facts about Bruce Lee that not everyone knew about, check this out:

He Loved Cha-Cha

Lee might be famous for his powerful and fast punches, but did you know that Bruce Lee was an incredible dancer and that he has an inclination for the dance cha-cha? As a matter fact, he even won Hong Kong's 1958 Cha-Cha Championship.

His Fitness Routine Was Extremely Hard

Bruce Lee was an ultimate fitness fanatic. To maintain his shape, he used to perform hardcore exercise routines including a one-hand push using his index finger and thumb, a one-armed chin-up, and doing the "dragon flag" position for longer periods.

He Can Do Amazing Tricks with Coins and Chopsticks

To sharpen his reflexes, Bruce Lee would occasionally toss up a grain of rice in mid-air and snatch it using a pair of chopsticks. Not only that, Lee, with his incredibly fast moves, can also do a magic trick with coins. It has been said that he liked to impress the audience by grabbing a coin out of someone's hand, replacing it with another coin in a fast motion.

His Flicks Had to Be Slowed Down to See the Action

Lee's martial art moves were so blindingly fast that his fight scenes need to be played at a slower speed so that movie watchers will know what's going on.

Chuck Norris Admits He Wouldn't Win Against Bruce Lee

Chuck Norris - also a well-known martial artist - had the chance to work with Bruce in the 1972 film Way of the Dragon wherein they shared a now iconic fight scene. When Norris was asked by the press who would win a real-life fight between him and Lee, Norris admitted that it would be Bruce.

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