Picking the Right Summer Camp for Your Kids

Summer is fast approaching, and for sure, parents are now on the lookout for the perfect summer camping activity for their children. But before you enroll your kids to these camping activities, make sure that you have chosen the perfect one that is ideal for your child.

In this article, let me just share with you some essential tips that parents must consider when choosing the right summer camp for their children. Here’s everything that you need to know:

  1. Do a Background Check

Make sure to find out if the organization offering the camp is well-known. If you came across a camping ad, whether online or at the supermarket, don’t hesitate to ask questions before you enroll your kids. Learn about the camping site, the security that is being offered there, and the number of staff that will be monitoring the children.

  1. Find Out What the Camping Is All About

Next on our list is to see what the camping is all about, is it a sports concentration camp, a fitness camp, a day camp, scouting camp, etc. Learn as well about the details of the camp, the activities, and programs that kids will be doing while there. Again, do not hesitate to ask questions if there is something that you are confused.

  1. Consult Your Child About It

So, you might be wanting to send your kid to a fitness camp, but he or she isn’t interested in it at all. Summer camps are meant for children to gain new friends, learn new things, and have fun, so make sure that you always ask your child first about him/her going to this particular camp or not.  If she or he is not interested, then find another summer camp that he/she will surely enjoy.

  1. Check If It Is Affordable

Summer camping isn’t really that expensive, comparing it to the awesome memories that your children will gain after the whole activity, but still, it pays if you do some comparison and check if it is affordable or way too expensive.

If you can’t afford it, there are still plenty of places suitable for an excellent summer camp.

Wellesley Martial Arts Center will be offering a fantastic Summer Camp this coming.

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Week 1- June 05-June 09

Week 2- June 12-June 16

Week 3- June 19-June 23



The cost of the camp is $275 per child for 1 week,

$475 for 2 weeks, and $675 for 3 weeks, with siblings getting 15% discount.


Deadline of Enrollment



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