Basic Martial Arts Tips for Beginners

New to martial arts? Still getting a bit nervous as you enter the martial arts center where you’ve enrolled? Now,  in this article, we want to share with you all the basic tips that will help you get in the zone. Here they are:

1.    Meditate
The moment you enter the MAC, clear your mind and concentrate intensely on breathing in and out. Meditating is one of the essential things that you need to do when learning martial arts; clearing your thoughts will enable you to focus more on enhancing your fighting skills.

Forget about work, school, or other outside matters – concentrate all your thoughts in martial arts.

2.    Warm-up
Once your mind has been cleared off, it's now time to prepare your body. The same with exercising or engaging in physical sports (such as basketball, football, soccer, etc.), warming up is vital to your muscle's ability to work. So, before you start training, make sure to spend at least 10 minutes doing warm-up routines. You can run for 5 minutes and do sit-ups, push-ups, or leg lifts for the next 5 minutes.

3.    Know the Class Protocol
For beginners, make sure to attend the class 15 minutes before it actually begins, this will help you familiarize with the place and even get the chance to talk to your fellow students.
Make sure to remember also that when lining in the class, students line up in rank from left to right with beginners taking the left side.

4.    Learn the Philosophy of Martial Arts by Heart
You are so wrong if you think that martial arts are all about fighting and defending yourself because that’s totally not what it is. Martial art does not just teach a man to be an excellent and skilled fighter; it also molds him to be a better person. One that is patient and in tune with nature; one that is disciplined and can control his anger.

So, when learning martial arts, make sure also to take the time to read and learn about the philosophy that they are teaching.

5.    Practice Basic Stances Regularly
And last, but definitely not the least. For you to move your rank faster, it is important that you practice all the great stances regularly. If you are really dedicated to improving your skills and become a better martial artist, the only way to do that is to practice hard.
And there you have it! All the important things that every beginner martial art student should learn.