About us

Wellesley Martial Arts Center Our Martial Arts center in Wellesley is located at 40 Abbott Road (The Maugus Club). The center has been operational since 2009 and has recently moved to a larger 2000 SF space, with a traditional Martial Arts setting. The new center has a very spacious training facility with an office, changing rooms, waiting areas, unisex restrooms, and ample parking. There are many programs being offered at the Martial Arts Center for different age groups, starting with the Little Ninjas (ages 2.5 - 5), children (ages 6 - 10), juniors (ages 11 - 17), and adults (ages 18+). Most of the classes are taught by the owner and Head Instructor, Ravi Raveendran, whose a very sincere, caring, and honest individual. He's great with kids, as well as with adults.