February 14, 2017

Picking the Right Summer Camp for Your Kids

Summer is fast approaching, and for sure, parents are now on the lookout for the perfect summer camping activity for their children. But before you enroll your kids to these camping activities, make sure that you have chosen the perfect one that is ideal for your child.

In this article, let me just share with you some essential tips that parents must consider when choosing the right summer camp for their children. Here’s everything that you need to know:

  1. Do a Background Check

Make sure to find out if the organization offering the camp is well-known. If you came across a camping ad, whether online or at the supermarket, don’t hesitate to ask questions before you enroll your kids. Learn about the camping site, the security that is being offered there, and the number of staff that will be monitoring the children.

  1. Find Out What the Camping Is All About

Next on our list is to see what the camping is all about, is it a sports concentration camp, a fitness camp, a day camp, scouting camp, etc. Learn as well about the details of the camp, the activities, and programs that kids will be doing while there. Again, do not hesitate to ask questions if there is something that you are confused.

  1. Consult Your Child About It

So, you might be wanting to send your kid to a fitness camp, but he or she isn’t interested in it at all. Summer camps are meant for children to gain new friends, learn new things, and have fun, so make sure that you always ask your child first about him/her going to this particular camp or not.  If she or he is not interested, then find another summer camp that he/she will surely enjoy.

  1. Check If It Is Affordable

Summer camping isn’t really that expensive, comparing it to the awesome memories that your children will gain after the whole activity, but still, it pays if you do some comparison and check if it is affordable or way too expensive.

If you can’t afford it, there are still plenty of places suitable for an excellent summer camp.

Wellesley Martial Arts Center will be offering a fantastic Summer Camp this coming.

Enroll Your Kids Now for Little Ninjas Summer Camp 2017!

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Week 1- June 05-June 09

Week 2- June 12-June 16

Week 3- June 19-June 23



The cost of the camp is $275 per child for 1 week,

$475 for 2 weeks, and $675 for 3 weeks, with siblings getting 15% discount.


Deadline of Enrollment



Make summer more exciting and fun for your little ninjas! Enroll now at WMAC.




More details here: http://bit.ly/2kZ22za


January 31, 2017

Be the Best Martial Artist With These Three Effective Tips

Apart from learning self-defense and how to be patient, strong, and focused, one of the reasons why we enrolled at a martial art center is for us to be the best. Being the best does not instantly mean that you should be the next Bruce Lee or you should be the next delegate to the Olympics; what we mean when we say the word best is that you have managed to master all the elements of martial arts and put it in everything that you do.

Now, if you are striving to be the best, here are three tips that you should know:

Learn to Express Martial Arts in Your Way

Remember what Bruce Lee about learning martial arts?

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup…Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

Although much of martial arts training is about teaching your body how to move, it’s also about how to make the art work for you. Bruce Lee said, “be like water”; which means that like water, you have to be adaptable. The goal isn’t to look like everyone else; it is to express your martial art through your unique movement and indulgent – just like any other artist (it just so happens your medium isn’t painting, but self-defense).

Don't forget this saying - Don’t try to adapt to the art – make the art adapt to you.

Practice Harder, Train Religiously

There may be days when you feel like you want to skip training and rather do something else, but if you are pushing to be the best, then do hard to fight this urge. Practicing and training religiously is always an opportunity to grow and to do better, thinking of skipping class is something that can distract you from your goals. So choose wisely.

Sweat for the Rank

A rank is not just given to anyone; a student must sweat for it and must exert full effort to be able to attain a new rank or belt. But once you have achieved that, do make sure to remind yourself that you have to live up to the status. A lot of people think that a higher rank is a reward, but it isn't. It is an obligation, an expectation for you to strive more in your martial arts training.

This year, make it your goal to train harder and push your limits.

January 25, 2017

Motivational Words to Everyone Who’s Learning Martial Arts

As we always say here at Wellesley Martial Arts Training Center, learning martial arts in not just about physical strength. It also encourages students to broaden their minds and learn patience, determination, and even resilience.

To any of you who want to be inspired as you learn martial arts, here’s a compilation of the best quotes that people (including well-known martial artists) have said about martial art. Here they are:

“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

- Bruce Lee


“The best fighter is never angry.”

- Lao Tzu


“The most difficult part ot traditional taekwondo is not learning

the first kick or punch. It is not struggling to remember the

motions of a poomsae or becoming aquainted with Korean culture.

Rather, it is taking the first step across the threshold of the dojang

door. This is where roads diverge, where choices are made that

will resonate throughout a lifetime.”

- Doug Cook, Taekwondo: A Path to Excellence


“Flow with whatever may happen, and let your mind be free: Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.”

- Zhuangzi, Nan-Hua-Ch'en-Ching, or, the Treatise of the transcendent master from Nan-Hua

“Martial Arts does not teach you how to fight, it teaches you why not to.”

- Lakshya Bharadwaj


“A Black Belt should be...

...a REFLECTION of what IS inside

...NOT the PROOF of it!”

- Robert Dallmann, The Definitive History of Bushido Kai


“The true work of the martial arts is progress, not perfection”

- Gene Dunn


“Consistently failing is nothing more than an indication that you are progressing. The more we fail the farther we will see. Failure is not an option; it is the only option. A master is a master because he has had the courage to fail and the wisdom to learn from it.”

- Chris Matakas, The Tao of Jiu Jitsu

January 15, 2017

Basic Martial Arts Tips for Beginners

New to martial arts? Still getting a bit nervous as you enter the martial arts center where you’ve enrolled? Now,  in this article, we want to share with you all the basic tips that will help you get in the zone. Here they are:

1.    Meditate
The moment you enter the MAC, clear your mind and concentrate intensely on breathing in and out. Meditating is one of the essential things that you need to do when learning martial arts; clearing your thoughts will enable you to focus more on enhancing your fighting skills.

Forget about work, school, or other outside matters – concentrate all your thoughts in martial arts.

2.    Warm-up
Once your mind has been cleared off, it's now time to prepare your body. The same with exercising or engaging in physical sports (such as basketball, football, soccer, etc.), warming up is vital to your muscle's ability to work. So, before you start training, make sure to spend at least 10 minutes doing warm-up routines. You can run for 5 minutes and do sit-ups, push-ups, or leg lifts for the next 5 minutes.

3.    Know the Class Protocol
For beginners, make sure to attend the class 15 minutes before it actually begins, this will help you familiarize with the place and even get the chance to talk to your fellow students.
Make sure to remember also that when lining in the class, students line up in rank from left to right with beginners taking the left side.

4.    Learn the Philosophy of Martial Arts by Heart
You are so wrong if you think that martial arts are all about fighting and defending yourself because that’s totally not what it is. Martial art does not just teach a man to be an excellent and skilled fighter; it also molds him to be a better person. One that is patient and in tune with nature; one that is disciplined and can control his anger.

So, when learning martial arts, make sure also to take the time to read and learn about the philosophy that they are teaching.

5.    Practice Basic Stances Regularly
And last, but definitely not the least. For you to move your rank faster, it is important that you practice all the great stances regularly. If you are really dedicated to improving your skills and become a better martial artist, the only way to do that is to practice hard.
And there you have it! All the important things that every beginner martial art student should learn.

December 27, 2016

The Dos and Don’ts of Martial Arts Training

Are you new to martial arts training? Do you feel out of place walking around the martial arts training center? Getting confused when to bow or how to do it properly? In case you are not aware, martial art students follow a protocol once they are inside the training center.

In this article, we want to share with you the most basic dos and don’ts when learning martial arts. Here they are:

The Dos

1. Do obey your instructors
You came to the center to learn about martial arts; this gives your instructor the right to command you with the things that you have to do. Listen to them carefully and do everything that they will tell you.

2. Do respect your instructors and fellow martial art students
Respect begets respect. If you want to be recognized, then learn also how to respect your instructor and fellow martial arts students. You need to respect everyone in the center despite your differences.

3. Do practice every day
Practicing daily can actually help improve your martial art skills. When you take the time to dedicate at least an hour for training every day, you will be able to enhance your expertise and techniques rapidly. Before you know it, you might even end up with a black belt.

The Don’ts

1. Do not disregard your health
Your health is imperative in martial arts training. And that is why it is essential that you make sure you are physically fit and strong before you even consider enrolling at the nearest MAC. Do not disregard your health when learning martial arts; you will rely on your strength significantly if you plan to be the best martial artist ever.

2. Do not use martial arts to injure or harm anyone
Learning martial arts is basically about self-defense and promotion of health and wellness; you shouldn't use what you've learned for your selfish interests. The only time that you should execute martial art is when you are defending yourself or anyone or when engaging in friendly competition with other martial art students.

3. Do not forget humility and self-control
In everything that you do inside the martial art center, you should never forget the core values that martial art hold - humility, discipline, and self-control. As we have previously mentioned in our articles, martial art is not just learning how to throw a punch or a kick; it is also about improving your character through becoming humble and disciplined.

December 04, 2016

3 Martial Art Diets to Help Rev Up Your Performance

We all know how nutrition plays a significant role in keeping our bodies fit and vigorous. The same is true when you are training for martial arts. No matter what style you are currently learning, it is essential that you eat the right food for to have a stronger stamina and higher energy.

To help you get an idea what are the best foods that you should eat when practicing martial arts, we will be sharing the typical diets of three of the most famous martial artists – Bruce Lee, Ronda Rousey, and Royce Gracie

The ‘Bruce Lee’ Diet
Bruce Lee was undeniably one of the world's best martial artists of all time. Swift, agile, and incredibly strong, Bruce Lee had learned that foods play an important role in keeping him sharp. As a matter of fact, he never eats foods that he believed would affect his training.
So what does Bruce Lee eat?
He consumed plenty of protein shakes in a day and mixed it with supplements such as royal jelly and ginseng. He does not drink coffee. Instead, he relied on green tea as his caffeine source. Bruce Lee also ate at least 4 to 5 meals in a day to keep his energy full during his workout and training.

The 'Ronda Rousey' Diet
Ronda Rousey - the Queen of MMA - goes through strict dieting to be able to keep up with her training routines. She kickstarts her day with a high carb breakfast; the same applies to lunch - she would eat high carb and half protein meal. As for dinner, Rousey would prepare a high protein meal which includes protein shakes and probiotic drinks. Rousey does not take any food three hours before she goes to bed.
The MMA champ also takes snacks in-between meals.

The 'Royce Gracie' Diet
Royce Gracie is part of the famous Gracie family who is fierce Brazilian Jujutsu fighters. To fuel the intense training that he undergoes for Jujutsu, Royce would not eat any dessert nor drink any soda. He also sees to it that the meals he takes are spaced out. Royce keeps 4 and a half hours before taking his next meal; he does not consume anything in-between these hours except water.

If you want to rev up your stamina and performance while training, consider following these diets that have been followed by the world’s best martial artists.

November 17, 2016

Three Ways on How Martial Arts Can Improve Your Life

A lot of people think that martial art is all about learning how to defend yourself while also conditioning your body’s strength. But you’d be surprised to know that martial arts do more just improve your physique; learning it has actually plenty of benefits. Here’s a list of some of the most incredible benefits that martial arts can provide you:

It teaches you to be patience
Patience, they say, is a virtue. But how can you be patient when you missed your bus to work, or the counter at Starbucks is just taking too slow? In a fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, we seldom have the chance to pause for a while and patiently wait.
But when you take up martial art classes, you don’t just learn defense techniques; you also get to learn how to be patient.  Patience, when it comes to martial arts training, means that you don't push yourself too hard mentally and physically; it means that success don't happen overnight, so you have to wait for you to become a better martial artist.

It boosts your self-confidence
This is one of the best things that martial arts can impart to you. It boosts your confidence and helps you become a better person. As a matter of fact, a lot of parents would enroll their children at a martial art center to be able to help their kids become confident with themselves.
Having to learn combat and defense skills that would not only enhance you physically but help you protect yourself and others is certainly something that would teach you to be confident about yourself. So, if you need a little pushing to help build your self-confidence, consider learning martial arts.

It teaches you to be disciplined
Apart from being patience, one of the fundamental values that martial art is teaching you is to be disciplined.
Self-control is paramount with martial arts, as one mistake can already let your opponent take your guard down. You have to be precise with your moves and be disciplined enough to wait for the right time to do a particular hit or kick to your opponent.

When you are disciplined, patient, and you have self-confidence, achieving things become easier. And that is why you need to consider enrolling yourself in a martial arts center too.

November 02, 2016

Three Easy Tips to Be a Better Martial Artist

When it comes to learning a hobby or a new skill, we always want to be better. As much as possible we don’t want our skills to be stationary; we want it to be enhanced and improved. The same is true with learning martial arts; we do not like to stay a beginner forever.
Today, we at Wellesley Martial Arts Center will be sharing three practical ways that will help you become a better martial artist. Here is the list:

Train Daily, Even for a Couple of Minutes
Most martial artists think that the most effective training is done daily for at least an hour. And they will then use it also as an excuse not to train because they do not have a spare time to complete the one-hour training. However, your training on a daily basis does not need to be an hour; as a matter of fact, you can train for at least a couple of minutes, and that’s totally fine already. Even five minutes a day for training is better than nothing at all.
But if you really want to become an expert martial artist, it would be best if you practice on longer hours daily.

Go Techie
Apart from training on a regular basis, you should also try new ways on how to improve your martial art skills. For example, you can download a training app on your phone. You can also view videos about martial arts on YouTube and incorporate it into your training.
With the advancement of our technology, everything is already possible, and becoming the expert martial artist that you always want to become is now easier.

Enroll at a Martial Arts Center
The best way to become a better martial artist is by enrolling at the nearest martial arts center. When you have someone to teach you and help you practice, it's definitely easier to improve your skills. Not to mention that you also get the chance to bond with your people who also love martial arts and who are also interested in enhancing their martial art skills.

And in case you are looking for the best martial arts center in Wellesley, look no further! WMAC has the best instructors and facilities to help you upgrade your skills and become a great martial artist. Enroll now!

October 18, 2016

How to Choose the Best Martial Arts Center

Martial arts training is undeniable of the best fitness activities that you can practice today. Not to mention that it can also help you develop self-confidence and discipline. And in case you have decided to try taking up martial classes, you need to know that you also need to be critical when choosing the right martial arts school. There are plenty of martial arts center across the United States of America, but believe me, not all MACs are the same.

Today, we will be sharing three factors that will help choose the best MAC for you, read here.

Center's Teaching Approach

When scouting for a martial arts center, most people usually consider the styles that a center is offering compared to the approach that it uses. But what matters most actually is how the center teaches their student and not how many martial arts technique they will be sharing with you.

Ask first the MAC what are their approach to teaching their students, listen intently and decide which best suits you.

Instructors in Action

Another thing that you should do before you sign up in a MAC is by watching the instructors in first. As you have probably noticed, plenty of schools promotes the background and level of expertise of their instructors to attract students. But you need to realize that a particular belt color does not always mean that a person is a better instructor.

Even winning or participating in several competitions does not instantly put a person as a better martial artist. So make sure to stick around the martial arts center and see how the instructors guide and teach their students before even enrolling.

Competition or Non-Competition?

Several MACs are very much participative in competitions, encouraging and sometimes even making it a requirement for their students to join tournaments.

However, not all styles of martial arts do offer competitive outlet such as aikido.

Make sure to think about your personality and decide whether you love joining international competitions or you would rather just a friendly tournament with other martial arts club.

October 03, 2016

Five Reasons to Learn Martial Arts

Are you currently having a lot of free time after going to school or at the office? Then instead of loitering around and idling, why not use this time to learn something productive, such as martial arts. In case you don’t know, there are actually plenty of things that martial arts can teach you.

Today, to encourage you to give martial art a try, we’ve listed some of the benefits that you will enjoy. Here they are:

It Teaches You Discipline

As with any sports, martial arts require their learner discipline. Discipline is such an important aspect of martial arts since it will also help students gauge the movement of their opponents, and respond accordingly.

It Will Build Your Confidence

Not only will martial arts teach you discipline, but it will also boost your confidence. Enrolling at a martial arts center will enable you to meet people and become friends with, thus improving your social skills. Not to mention that learning martial arts will also help you become fit and healthy, which will then let you enhance your self-esteem.

It is an Excellent Work-Out

As stated earlier, martial art will help you become a fit version of yourself; that's because this type of activity can be considered as an excellent physical workout. With the kickings, punchings, and blockings that you need to do, an hour or so in the martial art center will guarantee you a lot of sweating.

It Will Teach You Self-Defense

The primary objective of a martial art is to impart how to defend yourself in tight and emergency situations. But of course, just because you now know the proper way of punching or disarming your opponent doesn't mean that you are now entitled to fight with anyone. Martial art instructors encourage their students only to use their skill when it is entirely necessary.

It is a Huge Stress Reliever

Yes, an hour spent at the martial arts center can be a huge stress reliever. Fighting releases stress and aggression, making you feel a lot better of spending hours in training. So if you are feeling down and stressed, don't skip your martial art training sched, because it can effectively release all the bad vibes that you are currently experiencing.

Instead of spending your free time on things that won’t give you any benefit, why not enroll at the nearest martial art center now?

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