3 Martial Art Diets to Help Rev Up Your Performance

We all know how nutrition plays a significant role in keeping our bodies fit and vigorous. The same is true when you are training for martial arts. No matter what style you are currently learning, it is essential that you eat the right food for to have a stronger stamina and higher energy.

To help you get an idea what are the best foods that you should eat when practicing martial arts, we will be sharing the typical diets of three of the most famous martial artists – Bruce Lee, Ronda Rousey, and Royce Gracie

The ‘Bruce Lee’ Diet
Bruce Lee was undeniably one of the world's best martial artists of all time. Swift, agile, and incredibly strong, Bruce Lee had learned that foods play an important role in keeping him sharp. As a matter of fact, he never eats foods that he believed would affect his training.
So what does Bruce Lee eat?
He consumed plenty of protein shakes in a day and mixed it with supplements such as royal jelly and ginseng. He does not drink coffee. Instead, he relied on green tea as his caffeine source. Bruce Lee also ate at least 4 to 5 meals in a day to keep his energy full during his workout and training.

The 'Ronda Rousey' Diet
Ronda Rousey - the Queen of MMA - goes through strict dieting to be able to keep up with her training routines. She kickstarts her day with a high carb breakfast; the same applies to lunch - she would eat high carb and half protein meal. As for dinner, Rousey would prepare a high protein meal which includes protein shakes and probiotic drinks. Rousey does not take any food three hours before she goes to bed.
The MMA champ also takes snacks in-between meals.

The 'Royce Gracie' Diet
Royce Gracie is part of the famous Gracie family who is fierce Brazilian Jujutsu fighters. To fuel the intense training that he undergoes for Jujutsu, Royce would not eat any dessert nor drink any soda. He also sees to it that the meals he takes are spaced out. Royce keeps 4 and a half hours before taking his next meal; he does not consume anything in-between these hours except water.

If you want to rev up your stamina and performance while training, consider following these diets that have been followed by the world’s best martial artists.