Three Surprising Facts About Taekwondo That Will Amaze You

There's no denying that Taekwondo is today's most well-known type of martial arts. As a matter fact, most martial arts students want to learn Taekwondo more than anything else. If you are among one of those many people who want to be an expert in this martial arts style, here's three fascinating facts about Taekwondo that you need to know:

There are currently 70 million people around the globe practicing Taekwondo
As mentioned earlier, plenty of people are eager to learn this martial arts style. Around the world total, there are more or less 70 million individuals who are practicing Taekwondo. Much of the popularity of this style is credited from famous movie stars and taekwondo practitioners such as Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris. In a recent statistics, it was discovered that there are at least 4 million people have already achieved a black belt status in Taekwondo.

Taekwondo Practitioners are Ranked According to Belt Colors
In taekwondo, practitioners are classified according to their belt colors. For beginners, they are given white belts but as soon as their level of expertise improves, their belts' color are also changed. Taekwondo has six belt colors - white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black. The darker the color of the belt a taekwondo student wears, the higher is his position and level of expertise.

Dojang is correct term for the place where Taekwondo is taught
The term dojang refers to the area or place where taekwondo students meet. It can also be called as a center or a gymnasium, but most students prefer calling it a taekwondo school. Commonly, a dojang have blue and red padded floorings; it is decorated with belts, flags, banners, and instructional materials.

Amazing right? See you at the nearest martial arts center!