February 03, 2016

Melanie Juran, mom of Will Kearney

This is Melanie Juran, mom of Will Kearney who is in your program.  I'm thrilled to say that Will continues to enjoy your Martial​ Arts program. It’s been a wonderful source of confidence and inspiration for him.  

He's so happy to be part of it -- thank you for making such a unique, empowering program available in this community, Ravi.    ​I will continue to refer others, especially those challenged with how to engage their kids in physical activity and disciplines.  Options like what you offer are critical in a town where other mainstream sports can predominate (and perhaps discourage kids from pursuing other physical activity options.)  Again, thank you! 

February 03, 2016

Benjamin Weichman, Student

“The Martial Arts Center is not a McDojo. Head Instructor Ravi has a tremendous amount of talent as a martial artist and a teacher. He is aware of each individual student's progress and ability, and pushes them to improve relative only to themselves.

I found the Martial Arts Center to be a nurturing and personal environment for the development of fitness and technique.”
February 03, 2016

Kristi Minnick, Parent

“My son started coming to Wellesley Martial Arts Center in 2012.  At this time, he was having behavioral issues due to ADHD and a significant speech delay. We were pleased to see that Ravi and his staff were well versed in children with special needs.    We found that in the process of learning martial arts, our son is more socially cooperative.  In addition, he has learned discipline, respect, confidence, self-regulation and demonstrated better balance and coordination. We also send our three year old daughter to Ravi, and cannot wait until our one year old is old enough to attend.  Wellesley Martial Arts Center does an excellent job of keeping the classes fun while still expecting and encouraging the kids to focus and always give their best effort.  My children are as interested and engaged today as they were for the first class two years ago.”
February 03, 2016

Christine Schuldt, Parent

“Instructor Ravi and the other instructors are outstanding with toddlers! My kids have a blast running, jumping and hopping through the obstacle course during class. The instructors promote respect and discipline during class but in a friendly way. We have had a great experience over the past 2 years and would definitely recommend Little Ninjas!”
February 03, 2016

Larry Stone, Adult Student

“The Wellesley Martial Arts Center provides a challenging and caring environment for physical, mental and personal development. I never thought I could achieve so much. The instructors are very knowledgeable, adept in teaching different levels of ability and knowledge while making the students comfortable. I highly recommend The Wellesley Martial Arts Center for all ages and abilities.”

February 02, 2016

Claudia Vigil, Parent

"Wellesley Martial Arts is a wonderful, affordable program that helped my boys grow stronger and learn important values such as discipline and respect.  The owner of the school is committed, truly cares for the children, and chooses staff with the same values.  It is a year-round program that offers consistent and frequent classes and opportunities for achievement."
January 28, 2016

Austin Westerling, Adult Private Student

"I have been taking private training lessons with Head Instructor Ravi for over a year and truly cannot say enough positives about Head Instructor Ravi, his staff and their facilities. I had never trained in martial arts before coming to WMAC and was not sure what to expect. Head Instructor Ravi's training goes well beyond self-defense and I find myself challenged both mentally and physically, enhancing balance, agility, flexibility and mental acuity. Head Instructor Ravi is a very talented instructor in martial arts and perhaps equally as important to me, a truly wonderful human being. I send all my 3 kids to Head Instructor Ravi too and they love it".